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TECH Clean California - Heat Pump Water Heating

TECH Clean California - Heat Pump Water Heating Logo

Incentives offered through TECH Clean California are available for contractors installing Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Water Heaters to qualifying customers throughout the State of California.

Visit the links below to learn more about the initiative:

  • TECH Contractor Knowledge Hub -Part of the Switch is On, this site provides access to key resources such as the training hub, marketing materials, and the incentive portals.

  • TECH Incentive Resources - A subpage of the Switch is On with incentive information, qualified products lists, a program budget table, and other program information and flyers.

  • TECH Contractor Knowledge Base -This searchable site has in-depth articles to help contractors navigate all aspects the TECH initiative.

  • Commercial Incentives Site - Commercial incentives overview and resources as well as the reservation portal for the commercial incentives.

  • Multifamily Incentives Site - Multifamily incentives overview as well as the reservation portal for the multifamily incentives.

  • TECH YouTube Page - Program details are shared in our YouTube video collection, including our rules webinars and onboarding trainings to make them more accessible for your company.

    Incentives are available for:

    • Statewide single-family HP HVAC (for projects sold 4/25/23-on)

    • SCG single-family HPWH (for projects sold prior to 10/31/23)

    • BayREN Midstream HPWH

    • Statewide single-family (for projects sold 10/31/23-on)

    • Statewide multifamily HPWH (reservations are required, please visit this page to learn more)

    • Commercial HPWH (electric IOU territory only)

    • 3CE EYH single-family and multifamily HP HVAC and HPWH (As of 12/06/2023)

    Incentives are not available for:

    • Statewide multifamily HP HVAC (Funds are fully reserved)

    Program budgets are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Available budget will be updated regularly at California TECH Initiative - Energy Solutions.

    Recent Updates

    Statewide HPWH Incentive Relaunch

    Statewide single-family and commercial HPWH incentives are available as of October 31, 2023. A complete refresh of TECH HPWH rules, processes and list of qualified products can be found here.

    To see if you or your customer qualify for the current TECH HPWH incentives, go to the Incentive Finder on Switch is On. Visit our public reporting site for more information on the upcoming relaunch of multifamily HPWH incentives.

    Retroactive projects not in SCG territory that are sold or installed before the October 31 HPWH relaunch will not qualify for statewide HPHW incentives.

    In conjunction with the relaunch of statewide HPWH incentives, the previous incentives available in the Southern California Gas (SCG) territory have been discontinued for all new projects, though projects sold prior to 10/31/23 can still receive incentives. Read below for important details regarding these incentives and the October pause which briefly impacted participation in TECH SCG and BayREN Midstream HPWH programs.

    HPWH Claim Pause

    The creation and submission of all HPWH claims paused in single-family programs (SCG and BayREN) from October 1st, 2023, through the statewide HPWH program relaunch on October 31st, 2023.This pause did not impact the claim eligibility for any program but was necessary for development purposes.

    Sales made before October 31st, 2023, that were eligible for the previous TECH SCG or BayREN HPWH Midstream incentives can still be created and submitted on the new HPWH claim form and receive incentives according to the previous program rules. These projects must be submitted before December 31st, 2023.

    TECH HPWH sales with an invoice and terms and conditions date on or after October 31st will have to qualify under updated program structures. Please refer to specific program rules here.

    For more information about the HPWH Claim Pause, please see this Knowledge Base Article

    3CE Electrify Your Home Program Relaunch

    Please note, incentives are again available for single family and multifamily projects through Central Coast Community Energy's (3CE) Electrify Your Home (EYH) program for sales on or after 12/6/2023. There have been changes to the incentive levels – please visit here for more information

    Questions about claims? Email

    Other program questions? Email

    Start date: Aug. 1, 2021 - Stop date: June 7, 2025
    Start sales date: Aug. 1, 2021 - Stop sales date: June 7, 2025
    Start submit date: Aug. 1, 2021 - Stop submit date: June 7, 2025

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