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TECH Clean California - Heat Pump HVAC

TECH Clean California - Heat Pump HVAC Logo

ATTENTION: Your claims may need to be submitted by January 31, 2023 – For full guidance as to whether you may need to have your claims in by this deadline, please visit the Contractor Knowledge Base linked here.

Incentives offered through TECH Clean California are available for contractors installing Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Water Heaters to qualifying customers throughout the State of California.

Please go to the links below to learn more about the initiative:

Available incentives for TECH Clean California at this moment include funds for HPWH projects in SoCal Gas and Southwest Gas territories, as well as HP hpwh projects in Southwest Gas territory. Funds for other programs, including Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) and BayREN are still available and can be applied for through Iris.

Currently, TECH Clean California funding is suspended for single-family projects in Pacific Gas and Electric territory and HP hpwh projects in Southern California Gas territory. Please note that SDG&E incentives have also been suspended since late April - more information in the SDG&E suspension article.

Budget will continue to be updated at California TECH Initiative - Energy Solutions.

As you may have heard, an additional $50 million in funding for TECH Clean California will be provided through the California Energy Trailer Bill just enacted by the Legislature, for the 2022 fiscal year. We applaud the State for its continued commitment to building decarbonization investments, and we are very excited that TECH was included. The CPUC will issue a ruling in their building decarbonization ruling to solicit input from stakeholders on the use of the additional funding. Please stay tuned for more information, and visit the TECH Clean California Public reporting site for any updates.

Start date: Aug. 1, 2021 - Stop date: June 7, 2025
Start sales date: Aug. 1, 2021 - Stop sales date: June 7, 2025
Start submit date: Aug. 1, 2021 - Stop submit date: June 7, 2025

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